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Cosmofarma Exhibition, the pharmacy world’s leading European event for the Health Care and Beauty Care sectors and all pharmacy-related services, with its 150 hours of conventions, conferences and ECM courses, represents an exceptional opportunity for up-to-the-minute professional training, interaction and discussion that cannot be missed in the current climate of constantly developing regulations and policies.

2024 Edition

“Care. Inspiration. Evolution.” involves 3 key concepts: “take care” becomes an inestimable value, “inspiration” is the little spark that starts every transformation, every idea and every technological progress towards concrete projects and evolution” is for the professional and personal growth.

The 2024 edition is focused on the individua and the enhancement of their skills, but we can’t forget the importance of the technology: digitalization and AI are very importants supportive instruments but they can’t replce the work of the human being.

The payoff emphasizes the human value, empathy and competence, important features for all the health professions, and certainly for the pharmacist.

The choice of this visual disclaims in a playful and appealing way the concept of evolution, linked to the inspiration and it starts from the person and it joins the technology. The origami is the symbol of the knowing how to create different forms born from a sheet of paper.
Inspirations make you grow, change, transform, improve, evolve and, possibly, fly.

Get inspired by Cosmofarma Exhibition 2024, we are waiting for you at BolognaFiere April 19 to 21.

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