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Cosmofarma Exhibition, the pharmacy world’s leading European event for the Health Care and Beauty Care sectors and all pharmacy-related services, with its 150 hours of conventions, conferences and ECM courses, represents an exceptional opportunity for up-to-the-minute professional training, interaction and discussion that cannot be missed in the current climate of constantly developing regulations and policies.

“Sustainable interconnections” encompasses the macro-themes of great contemporaneity for the pharmacy world that will be addressed in this edition: sustainability, green, smartness and the ability to stimulate interconnections between different realities.

The pay-off smart&green reinforces this intent.

The visual gives a graphic interpretation: two hands weaving threads, bringing out the interconnections: one hand represents the human and empathic component, the other represents the digital and impalpable one. The synergetic and combined work between them accompanies us towards a future that we are already living.

The choice of yellow represents a chromatic break with previous editions and with the colours traditionally associated with the world of pharmacy: an euphoric and disruptive colour that expresses positivity, trust and optimism towards a brighter future.


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5 – 7 May 2023
Bologna Exhibition Centre


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